It (2017 film)



With such a vast back catalogue of highly established work in dark Gothic genre, its not surprising so much of Stephen Kings work has been taken to the big screen. ‘It’ is undoubtedly classic when it comes to visceral mainstream horror. Its narrative contains all the obvious but still effective components of a great dark story. A small suburban town in middle American which is usually seen as the safe social place, children who are growing into adulthood and beginning to realise the world is not as it seems and of course this is cleverly convey through the course of the story. Stephen King approaches the reality of unknown social danger by using a ‘clown’ as a tool to showcase how horror can under the surface seen as fun and welcoming initially. ‘It’ is more than a disposable horror film but perhaps a comment of danger young children face when nieve and aware through youth.

Von Von Lamunu


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