Noizy Neighbourz – Interview


Noizy Neighbourz are an electronic dance duo musical act set for big things this 2017. With a fresh city vibe and all things perfect for summer nights out, the Manchester act talk with me about music influences, personal inspirations and how the power of the internet has helped their sound reach interested listeners globally.

When and where do you guys meet and know that you both had very serious aspirations to make music a full time creative adventure?

Darryl Connell: We met through a mutual friend whilst writing and demo-ing for an artist on Syco Records, I needed a powerful female vocalist and Ali was keen to work with a new producer. We wrote some amazing tracks and we realised that we were developing a sound of our own naturally almost by accident! From there, Noizy Neighbourz was born.

Alison Bethune: Yeah, as Darryl said, it was mainly when we first met doing the demo’s for other people that we realised we actually had something special musically.  We started to just vibe out in the studio and from there started to experiment with different sounds making the kind of music that we love.  Whilst we have always had a foot in the door with music, we both still had to hold down full time jobs, so would meet up when we could and just literally jam out! It was our form of release from the stresses of everyday life!  

Can you remember your first show or gig together, what is it like as a duo who are doing very different things on stage to pump up the audience?

Darryl Connell : Yeah we did a show in Manchester’s northern quarter, we were still finding our feet but the extra support of our home crowd filled us with confidence and we were in our element! We both do what comes naturally on stage and that shows in our personalities as well as our live performances

Alison Bethune: I’ve done small gigs up and down the country doing gospel singing which I loved doing because it meant that you always had other voices to hide behind!  So when myself & Darryl performed for the first time it was a bit of a shock to my system because it meant that I couldn’t shy away as it was just me and him on stage! It’s great performing with Darryl  though cos he’s a multi instrumentalist and will add new chords or key changes to a song that really help to lift the live performance and helps me vibe to it better too! 


Do you find with your love and appreciation for creating electronic dance people naturally assume, you guys are party animals outside of music creative projects?

Darryl Connell : Hahaha I guess maybe a little yes, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth in reality, I think anyone who is truly dedicated to something finds it difficult to make time for partying! Saying that, given the chance, we know how to turn up!

Alison Bethune: Believe it or not I’m actually a homebody, I rarely go out to party! I would rather stay in and write songs. I know that’s probably a bit of a boring answer! But, in saying that when we make our music it’s like we are having a party in the studio! Does that count? Hahaha! 

How do you feel the internet has advanced and contributed to your success?

Darryl Connell : The internet and social media are amazing for reaching people who otherwise would of had no way of discovering something. And although there’s a lot to sort through nowadays, there is some incredible music and of course other art forms online and being able to access and share that content is great for us all as the creativity only grows and grows

Alison Bethune: I think that social media has been really good for helping us to be able to connect to people who enjoy listening to our music.  We have had some lovely responses from people who have heard our music and have been so positive and supportive helping us share and get the Noizy Neighbourz out there. We appreciate that so much.   


How would you like your music to make people feel while listening. Being oh so professional with adjectives “It gives me good vibes”?

Darryl Connell : We see music as a natural form of stimulation, it can be a stress-reliever, natural antidepressant, peacemaker, even aphrodisiac! (sort of haha) we want people to completely enjoy themselves when they hear our songs, be it getting ready to hit the town on a Saturday night, or be singing along full volume on a busy, vibrant dance floor 

Alison Bethune: I guess we just want people to connect with the song, whether that’s through the lyrics, music, melody…we just want to make people feel good! 



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