Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn-2011)


The pink ’80s’ handwriting of the title credits opening sequence after dramatic film scene introduction says it along with heavy synth music soundtrack. It’s a homage to all things crime, 1980s but in a more modern post millennium world. While somewhat troubled but well meaning getaway driver and part time Hollywood car stunt driver meets new mafia client an exchange of words also sums up the entire film.

“My hands are a little dirty” (they actually are from driving and working) —  Getaway driver -Ryan Gosling

“So am I” — Mafia Boss – Ryan Cranston

Ryan Gosling takes the front seat literally as lead male character and plays a getaway driver for crime and mishap happening all over L.A. He does not actually part take in the actual crime but simply helps the fast escape of criminals for a price. He also works as a film stunt double in car chase scenes for movie productions. He has the talent of a formula 1 driver and has put this in action. While working these two jobs and keeping to himself in downtown L.A apartment he meets a young woman. (Carey Mulligan) A lovely single mother trying to get by on her own as her husband is in prison. He takes a liking to seeing her in the supermarket playing with young son and starts to watch out for them from car lifts home to her work place as waitress.

I think the major themes regarding the film ‘Drive’ are personal moral compass according to money, crime and how to survive. Like any crime drama it explores what (pun intended) drives people to commit theft or robbery to keep going under harsh financial, family life circumstances. “IS HE A GOOD GUY?” well that is explored in Drive as we somehow as audiences watch an aid to many criminals through driving speedy escape actually look after a young family. It explores love too as the ending is poetic and nicely fictional but socially tied up. This character goes on to leave the young mother alone to face his penance from Mafia bosses after him to live in peace without him and his troubles.

These are tremendous performances from all actors and completely believable and relatable. It’s no wonder ‘Drive’ is already in cult field of great modern cinema.

Von Von Lamunu





The Double

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