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iZombie is a great premise for a teen based sitcom and show. It combines crime solving, strong females and zombie horror in true comedic modern fashion. It definitely picks up exactly where Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer left off TV wise but in a new evolved way for it’s target 2017 audience.

A recently graduated hard working medical student Liv Moore life changes after one party on a boat in Seattle. A drug or substance is handed around to keep people in a good mood and enjoy themselves, however it actually causes a random human flesh eating virus. She has not consumed it but is unfortunately bitten by another person before able to get off the boat to safety. Liv Moore has always been extremely smart and uses this unfortunate mess to still work in medical area. She becomes a morgue assistant who feeds on the brains of the deceased and solves their murders by absorbing the corpses original personality. She runs into a local detective so much due to this he believes she is posing as a psychic and the two become fast friends solving murder all around Seattle. The humour of writing this is so comical it’s not about horror but dealing with the cards life has dealt you in evolving fashion. Even the lead characters name ‘Liv Moore’ is an obvious poke of fun to the entire plot.

It’s truly tongue in cheek about life and death and all the love and miscommunication of friendships, love and family that happen between both (even Zombies and murder cases). Where it manages to gloss over and comically be clever beyond audience age is politics. The intelligent use of an entire war and apparent Apocalypse about to happen, that only the government and zombie nation know in secret amongst human civilians is not an idea writers came up just because of the comics.


Every television programme should make some social comment EVEN with teen female un-dead sleuth. The humans are scared of a growing race of un-dead zombie people and can’t tell who is who. The Zombie’s are scared that they may be rumbled and found out that they have to eat brains to live but always are completely normal and law abiding hard working citizens. There is definitely like ‘True Blood’ was not just about vampires but a fictional supernatural comment on xenophobia in society. 

Season 3 2017 plans to amp this up as we find out the zombie nation homeland is planned to be Seattle. It still follows the same plot points with a usually intriguing murder being solved each week due to ‘Liv’ using her secret to solve crime with her friend at the city police department. Most recent about who killed the ‘office gossip’ in a medical sales office was exactly how iZombie keeps its enjoyable lighthearted television fun.

Von Von Lamunu


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