Riverdale – Netflix (2017)


Riverdale February 2017 seems to be suspended and unexplained in a a 50s period. There are iPhones but dresses and cars from an old era. There is a wealthy influential family with a large dark expensive house. Like Miss Havisham’s in Great Expectations time has stood still amongst wealth and money. The family youngest is a pair of brother and sister twins. Both extremely popular and cruel in the local American high school. As audience episode 6 we see that they both together and separate have been so cruel to people in this small town and even to each other. We can’t tell why or how the brother died…..Who killed Jason the town good-looking promiscuous athlete and bully.

The CW’s super sexy youthful stylish blend of Gossip Girl like teen drama and more adult dark Twin Peaks small town mystery. This show while for a young teen audience is moorish and easily watchable as the more secrets and social chess like moves highlight more sinister games being played between both the adult and teenage social circles featured than viewers first see. It will happily fill the hole soon to be left by ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Von Von Lamunu


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