The Replacement (BBC1-2017)


‘The Replacement’ is true British BBC television drama at it’s best. It some how in true British television fashion managed to be bleak, course and still funny while examining female to female obsession. Ellen is the lead female character, an extremely talented architect designer who is prepping a newcomer into the company while maternity leave. She soon has suspicions that Paula her temporary stand in is not only after her job/position as career successful, happily married mother to be. The only other female co-worker who believes Ellen falls mysteriously of one of the building sites they were working on together.

The intense suspense driven drama is based in Glasgow, Scotland UK. It delves deep into the social and physiological complexion of strong ambitious female working together in the face of similar ambition, skill and personal life changes. The three part mini series shown on the BBC follows many familiar fictional themes seen previously in both television and cinema. ‘Black Swan, Fatal Attraction, Single White Female and Roommate’. All explore the intriguing mental obsession a woman can have with another which is not usually sexual predatory but extreme jealous of life and personal identity.


In the 2017 social and political climate of modern New Wave feminism. This is an important social theme to depict on screen fiction wise. The competition to climb to career top and over confident cyber keyboard warriors with too much time and too little knowledge of their counterparts; the workplace is now a strange place for female to female solidarity.


Paula seems to focus on Ellen’s actions and situations when it becomes clear she has more than a few of her own to sort out. Her obsession and stalker like tendency sabotaged both women’s personal life and respect at work by colleagues. It makes them look both like teenage school girls and boxes no new respect for women at this design firm. Basically immediately throwing feminist progress in the bin.


Although ‘The Replacement’ is more of traditional female physiological thriller, alot of the fore mentioned themes clearly over laps the pitfalls of female progress online with BBC3s Clique. There’s alot of unhealthy competition and judgement in both shows. Both showcase BBC as a total British drama establishment still relevant to exploring current social problems through well made television which opens up discussion in reality. 






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