Clique (BBC3-2017)


Clique starts as it means to go on with first episode featured on BBC3 a famed channel which now lives online now but important to a young British audiences. Not only through visual cinematography feeling grande, casting of diverse and attractive young people with very real dilemmas people face with juggling both studies, romance and the climb to professional independence and respect in the UK in the face of social hierarchy.

“Women are 51 percent of this countries population. Bitches got the majority. Say hello to that majority and then wave it goodbye because it’s the only one you have got”….

“So what’s the problem? Our Mummies and Grannies fixed all this didn’t they? ….the problem here ladies…is YOU! The ones moaning about their problems on Tumblr, moaning about the pay gap when you should be getting on with your career”…

“Feminism in this country has been infected with misinformation and an obsession with being offended. I’m not going to sit and cry with you when you graduate and realise the system isn’t fair. Of course it’s not GET OVER IT. While you are at it, get off Twitter”…

These epic rather blunt frank pieces of dialogue by a tough University lecturer say it all. Game, set and match as the programme quickly underlines it’s intention to deliver glamour, social status, individual intelligence and politics in a familiar way of most female led teen drama but in the new wave of reinvented modern western feminism.

Macabre wit, brash UK humour, a timely social message for all women as well as murder and lipstick is on the horizon. After one episode I love it all.



Von Von Lamunu




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