Mr.Robot – (Sam Esmail, Christian Slater,Rami Malek, Amazon Prime)

Mr. Robot - Season 2

Sam Esmail and the Mr.Robot production team should really be commended and applauded for the manner in which they approached mental health issues that Elliot Anderson faces. Its long been unjust the representation and stigma regarding mental health in media and dramatic story telling. Actually here it’s almost depicted as though Elliot suffers from an overload of genius intelligence which he deals with through hallucinations and split personality. It’s one thing to be in an elite tax bracket, have got through War And Peace and keep up to date with politics. Mr.Robot suggests that his brain, interpretation of people and social situations work so fast it’s caused anxiety and depression as he finds people fairly simple in their needs and wants. This is a new angle and a long way from the past where they simply through around words such as mental, crazy, nuts and unstable. It also suits perfectly the themes of modern simple society issues based in a world where people don’t see further than Ivy school, mortgages, money, houses, cars and social status. Elliot is trying to create a world where none of that matters and money doesn’t control people.

The family dysfunction has always been alluded to over both two seasons as a catalyst for the social anxiety and split personality disorder. His mum seems to have had a short fuse with a non maternal strict demeanor. The Dad appears to have a more close relationship with both children. Again this is an interesting grey narrative area. All of Mr.Robot is told from his perspective even his memory which is also due to his mental health is questionable at best on accuracy. In fact the entire story is. This makes Mr.Robot a compelling roller-coaster of what is real and what is not, what is happening and even the true nature of characters and their place within Elliot’s life. Some critics have argued with the second season this has made things far to complex to follow narrative wise. To believe in one direction of progress for the story only to find out it was all in Elliot’s head.
The main themes of Mr.Robot is social change and a new world order. Young male anxiety and opening society to it’s true grit and ugly trappings of modern basic human nature. Alot of It as a drama reminds me of quote from Donnie Darko. Another tale of young male disillusionment.
“They say major destruction is a form of creation and change through chaos”
As Elliot falls deeper into this path of changing the world through financial terrorism, he changes peoples lives and the world but a new darker group aim to take things even further. He has lost control of the chaos he created through getting other people involved with their own agenda and circumstances. It’s brilliant story telling but as the narrative continues it has to maintain a level ease to follow without it being too complex for viewers to follow.

Von Von Lamunu


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