The X-Files 2016 (David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter-Fox)


The series originally aired on September 10th 1993, spanned nine seasons and is currently airing a revival globally. It is important to point out it’s pop culture relevance. The X Files has become the highest rating science fiction drama to ever air on channel 5 this year with the reboot. It’s highest overnight ratings in over a year with an audience of 3.17 million viewers.
While Mulder’s constant belief in the supernatural is amusing as a guidance plot point, the true core of the show is Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). An articulate, smart and compassionate female FBI Agent and medical doctor who is not sexualised or a simple romantic ploy in the narrative. Today sometimes referred to as the ‘Scully Effect’ many young women were inspired to seek careers in science and medicine. Anderson recently admitted that this came as a surprise to her but pleased her greatly. Scully also inspired a vast number of female heroines on television such as Fringe and C.S.I. Unlike many women portrayed on 90s TV, Scully was not concerned with gossip, fashion or men. She cared about solving cases at hand. Her no-fuss attitude and bravery when facing hurdles from aliens to breast cancer was her defining characteristic that made her a feminist icon for female viewers.
The X Files returned briefly early 2016 for a short revival stint – only six episodes. It featured original run writers, producers, actors and Chris Carter the creator himself. The ratings have been so high in the U.S and internationally it appears more will be made by Fox.
Home again – Season 10 – Episode 4

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are sent to Philadelphia to investigate curious murders of local council and government officials. The victims have been torn from limb to limb in one swift action. The local homeless men of the neighborhood tell Scully and Mulder that it is the monster who looks after their home. Where the homeless community live is soon to be turned into apartment buildings for young professionals. While paranormal and ludicrous in relation to reality. This particular episode is a perfect examples of The X Files returning to form. Commenting on real current social matters through paranormal satire. This episode was a discussion of inner city re gentrification and what communities substantial property development affects.

The series has always followed the familiar structure of the T.V detective duo series but combined it with elements of horror and science fiction which was relatively new at the time of initial first series. It could be argued that The X Files is one of many children The Twilight Zone created decades later, with each episode focus on a new strange story. It uses paranormal myth to mock reality which has made it so popular and maintained its relevance today.

Von Von Lamunu


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