The Good Wife (Robert and Michelle King)


‘The Good Wife’ is not simply a courtroom drama that is engaging, smart without being pretentious, it has become profound as a story for women of all demographics internationally. It’s complex and even dare i say it socially philosophical. Does money mean happiness, does success mean happiness, does love mean happiness, does children. These are all explored through Alicia Florrick who begins the series as a Georgetown graduate smart lawyer, with financial success, love, children but yet close to depression having to find herself again after the epic sex and corruption scandal of her husband which tares her life part. Increasingly as the characters argue, plot, struggle through job change, financial uncertainty, family grief; each begin to ponder what the point to it all is. It is compelling and exaggerated however relatable.

“There are people who make the mess and there are the people who clean up”- Alicia Florrick

Alicia was hurt and humiliated but does not immediately divorce him despite a very fractured marriage without trust. Instead she kept the marriage together. Eventually we as audiences come to see this is because she has always been a woman who enjoys order and control. It may be why Peter fell in love with her and found her maternal and stable to begin with. She has built a life which involves children, family, friends and financial commitments that would be disrupted with divorce. 

While the series is created and imagined not originally sourced from novels or literature Michelle and Robert King excel at creating situations for Alicia Florrick to tackle as a lawyer. Racism, rape, murder, religion, politics and sexism are explored through characters who seek legal advice through Alicia Florrick.

“I want a simple happy life. To control my fate outside my sex, age and past mistakes” -Alicia Florrick

Alicia is progressive and fresh as a female character who showcased a broader range of females on tv in regards to age, occupation and intelligence. This trend is seen with Madam Secretary, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal aswell. The importance of reincarnation, faith, self worth and motivation run throughout seven series.

Von Von Lamunu


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