House of Cards Season 4(Netflix/David Fincher 2016)


House of Cards


There was a very engaging moment towards the end of this seasons house of cards. It quickly addresses what societys portrait of what being a modernwoman is. It involved Claire Underwood being asked by Hannah Conway (opponent candidate’s wife) about children. “Do you ever regret not Claire?”. Claire’s acid boss bitch response was “Do you regret having yours?” The Underwoods as a wealthy, well educated and powerful have been so far non surplussed by the idea of creating a normal nuclear family. It intrigues people because they have the means to very easily. It’s a social taboo for writers to tackle but honest as a lot of women who are not maternal naturally are still seen as cold.

However Frank’s borderline controlling treatment of Claire last season but strain on their partnership and marriage. As a grown, educated, successful woman she felt humiliated that she had to ask her husband (The President Frank) if she would be allowed to work for the United Nations or possibly Vice President. Their relentless chase of supreme political power is what really holds them together over work pressure and the fade of original spark. The problem is this is all they really have as a couple. Frank and Claire are not seen rolling around in bed watching films with lunch on Sundays. They are not that couple but they do not pretend to be.

The Russia deal, the capture of terrorist Ahmadi, unemployment drive in the south, clean water initiatibe is calculated power moves to stay in the white house. The end of Season 4 shows the Underwood’s are finally in unrivalled dominance as the politically important couple in the world. This couple being manipulative and morally unconscious murderers means the new world could be interesting dystopia. One in which the ‘First’ couple don’t fight terror but make it for political gain, it makes an interesting plot premise for 2017 season 5.

Von Von Lamunu




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