Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly – 2001)


A lot is actually surrounding this film even before it’s narrative and plot films both the brother and sister are played bye ‘actual’ brother and sister, both decided to take on acting separately and found themselves in the same film production. This is humorous by writers or directors who obviously knew this but it would make it more real. The reality of arguing in house over dinner with parents.

Fight club (David Fincher 1999) also a seminal masterpiece. These are both films to.  consider in depth and look at. The disillusion of young men trying to find intenyity in an increasing changing modern society. Men’s control and influence are changing both work and home environments. The rise of modern feminism in car

The increase expansion and social influence of the internet means that the influence of the internet means that unrealistics images are being shown as success. Such as being extremely tall, handsome with young girlfriend. This causes anxiety and pressure for the most confused by modern age.

Although Donnie Darko is techinically about science fiction and time travel, it’s major themes and narrative do no focus on it. The real themes of morality and self identity lie within a young mans personal and physical journey into adulthood in a small town stifled and confused.

My personal favourite scene takes places while Donnie attends his school English literature class. The class is taught by a young, sassy, smart English teacher played by Drew Barrymore. She reads a passage from Graeme Greenes ‘The Destroyers’ to encourage the teen high school to think above their middle class materialism of relationships and playstation.

“There would be headlines in the papers even local gangs would hear with respect how his house was destroyed. It was as though this plan had been with him all his life pondered through the seasons. Now in 15 year made rewsure with the pain of puberty. The teenage boys find a great deal of money but they burn it. Donnie Darko what is the writer trying to communicate?” – Drew Barrymore (teacher)

“They say destruction is a form of creation and change. They want to see what happens when they tear the world apart” – Darko

I think this dialogue and exchange of ideas between them sums up major themes. Young men lost emotionally, lonely, mistunderstood and disenchanted with the modern world do vent ‘Columbine’ was beginning. Something about this behaviour is relevant outside film narrative. These natural mental issues if not addressed result in minor anti social or sexist behaviour. After nearly 20 years this film makes a lot of sense.

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