Mudi Chris Eghweree

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Tell our readers who you are and how you got to where you are now?

I’m Mudi Chris Eghweree, a freelance illustrator, photographer and graphic designer. Before freelancing I studied graphic design at the University of Creative Arts (Maidstone), and have been a graduate for a year and 8 months or so.

When did you first decide that photography and illustration were not just a passion but something you would persue at UCA?

I sort of just fell into the graphic design while at school. Not knowing what to do with myself back then, my old art tutor suggested I should consider it as a possible avenue to follow further after seeing potential in my work; I did, fell in love with it and have never looked back ever since. My father is a wedding/party photographer, so having grown around all that, I guess that’s how the photography bug rubbed off on me and why I’m so obsessed with it.

Can you describe the processes you go through when working on an illustration from start to finish?

I wouldn’t say I exactly have a process; but say I’m working on a wood piece. I’d draw out the finished illustration out on paper, scan it, reverse the image, trace it all out on tracing paper, finally print the traced image back on to the wood ready for inking/painting. It may sound like a long winded process… but I’m extremely picky about having clean lines haha.

Which has more affect on the final result of your work (I mean digital opposed to pen and paper)? Why?

I’d say each equally have their important roles to play when I design/illustrate. If this was say 3/4 years ago, I would have instantly said pen and paper without hesitation. However I’ve come to appreciate the befits, advantages and ease digital programs, tablets etc and found a happy medium between the two. Start off with a pen and paper, finish off digitally.

Which software programs do you find most helpful when illustrating/animating?

Photoshop and Illustrator by a mile.

Whose work do you admire past or present and why?

Roy Lichtenstein , Patrick Nagel, Shepard Fairey and Ben Frost. I’d say Lichtenstein has the greater impact on me on a whole.

Who or what inspires you from outside your own medium of work? e.g. Pop culture, music, film, friends, family?

I’d say mainly popular culture, skateboarding, random thoughts, people I meet and definitely music. I’m pretty crap at expressing myself through words in general, but I find a sense of comfort listening to a song, picking out a lyric which expresses exactly how I feel, and convey it though an illustration or hand drawn type.

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?

I originally started off my “style” by making stencils. There was a period a while back when I was madly into stencil graffiti, I’d spend hours cutting up my drawings and photocopies, spray painting my own designs onto t-shirts. I began to get bored of it all then decided to stick with developing a hand drawn style and moved to illustrating on my old broken skateboards. My styles hasn’t changed that much from when I first started illustrating, but I can definitely feel that it evolved as I’ve gotten older.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to take a path towards illustration, and perhaps you didn’t know in hindsight?

Enjoy what you do, there’s no point pursuing illustration/design or any creative field if you’re not your own biggest fan. Find similar like minded creative’s to bounce ideas off and inspire your work, I don’t think I’d be half as creative as I am today if it wasn’t for the people and friends I’ve gained along the way.

Where would you like your work to lead you? Have you any aspirations or plans for the future?

Aspirations?… I’d love to open a creative studio, produce art and inspire others to do so too.

Interview by Von Von Lamunu

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