Like Crazy

Like Crazy is a beautiful, light and sincere film which showcases tomorrows talents Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin. Sundance agreed and awarded Felicity Jones Best Actress. Director and writer Drake Doremus skillfully portrays a dizzy honest tale of first love and first mistakes. Anna (Felicity Jones) is a student who after fall head over heels for Jacob (Anton Yelchin) decides to spend the summer with him. Over staying her visa, a giddy hasty mistake which alters both of their futures.

Felicity Jones is engaging, her face lights up the screen and conveys every awkward heartbreaking feeling with ease. Anton Yelchin excels in his role as Jacob despite being let down by lack of Jacob focus development in the script. We naturally as viewers align to Anna quickly. Continuing to forge a career to watch closely Jennifer Lawrence turns up brief and sporadic yet stealing the show. Her presence as ‘Samantha’ a new local and more convenient love interest raises questions as to if Anna and Jacob really need to be together. Lawrence turns in a terrific performance as the sympathetic other woman.

Where ‘Like Crazy’ falters is in the screen play. The use of the complications over the visa are such a transparent narrative device it becomes less plausible. As Roger Ebert so frankly put it…

“Anna can’t get into the United States. Jacob can get into London, but he can’t move there because, you see, he designs and builds chairs, and his business is in Santa Monica. Say what? You can’t design chairs in London? You wouldn’t rather live in London with the girl you love than build chairs in Santa Monica? His chairs look ordinary to me.”

Having said that this is a beautifully shot film. It’s feels intimate and warm. Doremus successfully manages to bring this into composition of scenes and camera framing. What could be cliché is handled with a knowing graceful touch. The moments where Anna and Jacob initially fall for each other are believable and tender. This despite featuring rom-com familiar areas such as loving whispers underneath bedsheets after sex and giggly walks along the beach. Doremus serves up sequences which should grate but they feel new and natural.

Written by Von Von Lamunu

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