Lieutenant Uhura – Iggy Azalea

We managed to catch a moment with girl of the moment Iggy Azalea to discuss mixtape of the moment ‘Ignorant Art’, how she maintains focus, the diverse inspirations behind her sound and visual presence…

How important is it to maintain control of ideas and concepts, ranging from mixtape artwork, photoshoot styling and video treatments?

Its essential. I am involved in every part of my creating, I work with my stylist to create moodboards etc and pickout looks, I sit in and brainstorm with directors and also sit in on the editing process, now that I have more work I have more people involved… you cant do it all yourself, but im still 100% involved in the process from start to finish.

Which leads me onto your visual presence you look like you could have been in a Film Noir as well as modern Sci Fi, how much does past and present art and film inspire you. As a film freak I didn’t miss the gorgeous cinematic references in ‘The Last Song’ video?

Im also a film freak! My father is to blame for that, he would rent out what he considered to be great film works and make me watch them as a kid, everything from ‘its a mad mad mad mad world’ to ’2001 space odyssey’ im inspired by both the old and the new… you can never tell whats going to inspire you so I think the key is just remaining exposed to as much as possible.

What Fashion designers are you into at the moment or do you just find pieces here and there you love ?

For videos I usually create a moodboard and then my stylist will go out and pull pieces that fit the direction we discussed, I have favorites when it comes to designers that I love to try to incorporate into my personal style, but in terms of videos its more about the clothing fitting the visual and less about who made the item.

Pretty much in love in ‘You’ from Ignorant Art and the message about not settling and self confidence in the face of love, how is the ‘1990’ another collaboration project with YG coming along?

I thought it was important to let women know being sexual/comfortable about talking about sex doesn’t mean you have to lack self-respect, the two things can coexist. Woman are complex creatures, we are many things at the same time: sexy, confident, venerable, powerful, etc. Im a big romantic at heart and I just wanted a song to embody that side of women. Im going to collab with YG for his new mixtape, but our project ’1990′ is in storage while I record my album, him and I will revisit it later in the year.

How did you come to work with D.R.U.G.S. and how quickly into the studio process did you realize that you would be on the same wavelength?

I was introduced to D.R.U.G.S by my manager who grew up in Inglewood and had known them for years and years. I knew we had a chemistry from day one, we  just clicked. Unfortunately this is the music BUSINESS, and sometimes the business side of things don’t always flow the way the artistic things do… new people came into the mix over there, the dynamic changed and as a result we have parted ways in terms of business. Friendship wise, I love them and they will always be like brothers to me.

Are there any other producers you would like to work with and how much do you do yourself?

Im working with a number of new producers, a lot of up and comings and also some vet’s, in terms of production I like to sit in with a producer as they make a beat and let them know what I like and don’t like as they’re creating it – I don’t know how to play keys or make beats so my involvement is more so just my ear as a guide to what I think fits and what doesn’t.

With the amount of press and attention coming in, do you feel the pressure to get more material done for growing fans or just want to take your time for the best result?

I do feel the pressure. There becomes a lot more content expected to be released to fans, and you suddenly find yourself juggling all these other things you never had to think about before, traveling, shows, interviews, business meetings etc. it gets tricky but im making it work. I don’t put anything out I don’t feel is 100% what i had envisioned. I try to keep on time, but if its late… its late.

I read an article/interview by Rapture Johnson which stated “Iggy Azalea is a self-made monster. She’s Dr. Frankenstein and the beast”…I mean that’s pretty fucking dope way to be described, especially in this industry and any modern female anywhere, how important is it to be self made and not rely on others to get where you want? 

You can only rely on yourself to get your foot in the door IF you want it to be YOUR way, once you start trying to get favors from people etc… they will make you feel like you owe them and I don’t think thats good. Better to owe only yourself. Once your foots in the door, you have to learn to become not just your own leader, but a leader to others because you cant carry the work load on your own – theres not enough hours in the day. Success to me is learning to balance being a leader and a student.

Interview by Von Von Lamunu

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