Lieutenant Uhura – 2morrows Victory


The guys from 2morrows Victory talk to us about in house production, music video direction and plans for 2012…

How did you guys all come together, were you friends and acquaintances first?

Rafeal: Yeah I met Greg through cycling and just riding and I met him at a bike store in the city. So yeah we just made friends from that, I found out he rapped and he found out I played drums. So we kept cycling and sharing music and just generally sharing ideas.

What do you use in your production? Who helps engineers your material?

We use live and programmed drums, keyboards, synthesizers and software synths?  We do everything in house.

How do you guys make sure your on the same level or vision. Compromising ideas of four people?

We have to check each other constantly, but our motive for doing this doesn’t rest on others opinions. If you understand it, then you can vibe it; if you don’t, that’s on you as the band member.

With influences from different continents and genres how do you find having to intellectualize 2morrowsvictory sound to people who haven’t heard it?

(Greg) collectively i think we share influences with a wide range of people, so it’s not hard to find common ground.

Who directs your videos and do you come up with the concepts together?

The videos are directed by Kushandco (Greg). But on set/location we all throw in ideas. Its a pretty laid back operation.

Radio1 which is recognised for appreciating new and established talent have been playing ‘Lift Off’ is it nice to get attention?

Its definitely a good feeling that our movement is getting out to people.

Would you agree there are major benefits to going the D.I.Y route, more creative control without having major financial or industry help?

Yes there are major benefits we are able to control what our music sounds like and how we are portrayed image wise.

Would you maintain that once a label was involved?

We would ideally like to maintain creative control as it is important to us to be able to make what we feel.

What are your plans for 2012 talk to us about ‘ Lift off’ and mix tapes etc?

Well on the 21 of February we are launching our new project Odeon with a live performance on the same day at look mum no hands. Our plans are to continue creating and developing new material and also performing as much as possible. In regards to lift off it has created a lot of attention, Giles Peterson has showed us a lot of love on his show.

Von Von Lamunu

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