Yeashin Kim


So tell us about who Yeashin Kim is and how you got to be here? 

I am now 22,  I graduated from Londoncollege of fashion in 2011.
I also graduated from arts middle school and arts high school as well.
I studied fine art when I was 12. The first time I ever saw a fashion show, I was 17 and at that time I thought that fashion was very outgoing, a splendid major event and also it is one of the most concentrated genres with all areas such as music, fine art, stage art, business etc. That’s why I choose fashion.  This is very hard work but also very dynamic work as well.

How would you like people to recognize or interpret your work as a fashion designer?

I love colour, so my last collection I was tried to focus on a lot of colour to make my all garments. When people look at my clothes I want them to think they have a gorgeous colour combinations and want them to think my clothes are cute. ; )

Can you think way back to your first fashion sketches and first design pieces, what were they?

Actually, my very first design sketches are almost the same as my last pieces. Just I added more detail decoration,  change fabric and material that kind of thing.
But this work process is much harder to me. I can change a very small detail and after my clothes can feel and look very different.  So I always try to lots of different colours and match things together until I finally find the best combination colour panel.

Do you have a favourite piece in your most recent collection?

I like my last collection blue jumpsuit. orginally i like jumpsuit. The  fabric colour is different front and back side, I like this its makes things fun and flirty. Also front part wool detail and mechanical wrinkles on the neck part.  Love all this combination.

You are definitely not afraid of colour and pattern upon pattern, where does this energy in the collection come from?

I just want to make my garments in a very nice colour combination. When I saw coral pictures and their body colour is amazing…and a few sea creatures fishes features give to me big inspiration. So I tried a lot to express their colour.

Is there a favourite material or fabric you like to work with?

I like satin duchess and silk.

What is the philosophy behind your work as a fashion designer?

My work philosophy is joyful and enjoyable and colourful.

I hope to deeply move the people who see my clothes, and please them with joy and also that they can see fresh ideas and colour combinations too.

Who are the designers that inspire you, whether its work ethic or actual themes of collections?

JC de Castelbajac and Walter van Beirendonck also Moschino.

What does fashion mean to you?

When people wear my clothes, I want to give to them big confidant and smile.

Where do you think you will be in 10 years time and how do you plan to get there?

Maybe still making my collection and doing fashion shows again and again.
People will continue to see my new ideas.

I’m already prepared to do my own shows, and just keep going this way. Definitely, finally I will be a famous fashion designer. Someday ; – )

Interview by Von Von Lamunu!collections/53-underwater-creatures-by-yeashin-kim

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  1. It looks wonderful! Lovely to see such playfulness and color!

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