Ursula Roxy

How did you end up being a photographer?

I wanted to take photography at college but the local courses shut so I took fine art and half way through my first year my tutor saw some photographs I had taken and told me to pursue it.Needless to say I did and went on to Uni which wasn’t right for me so I began freelancing and self taught myself along the way and that’s where I am at now

Do you remember the first moment you picked up a camera?

That’s a difficult one,it was probably something embarrassing like  a small digi camera when I was around 13/14 to take photos of myself for social networking

What sort of equipment are you using?

A nikon D80,a 50mm and a 55mm lens ..oh and my trust reflector!

When did you decide to become a full time photographer?

It happened gradually,the more I followed what I wanted to do,the more I believed I could make it full time and it wasn’t just some dream

With the digital evolution do you think using film for a busy photographer is becoming unpractical?

If they are busy it surely means they are in work and therefore no

I’m not digital for speed,it’s just how I prefer to shoot and I’d like to think that anyone who enjoys film enjoys the whole process..even if it is a little lengthy!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in this industry?

Advantages a- constantly meeting like minded artistic people and making great connections,being your own boss

Disadvantages  -it can be stressful at busy times and alot of people are out to get something for nothing 

Do you have any peer’s work you find interesting?

there are so many young photographers who’s work I am in love with Karrah Kobus,Damon Baker,Liam Perkins,Jessica Flavin,Alis Pelleschi to name a few

What musician, actor or talented artist would you most like to take a portrait of?

James Franco! or RHCP,I couldn’t decide.

Many photographers move onto film production or film directing is this something you could see yourself doing?

Yes yes and yes,I left before my module of film came up at uni and have always been interested in film ,probably some short fashion /music videos to ease myself into it but it’s something I would eventually like to pursue

What are you currently up to at the moment?

In the middle of planning a VERY BIG exciting project. Something I have not done before and am extremely excited to be doing

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