Rory Longdon

How are you feeling?, still buzzing of the celebration after winning the Gold award at Graduate Fashion Week?

Its been a while now, but it’s still very exciting. I have had some fantastic opportunities arise from winning the award, of course it’s all a huge buzz.

What was the first moment you decided you wanted to be a designer and how old were you?

It was on my foundation degree it all happened, so I must have been 17/18. I mentioned to a tutor I was interested in fashion and she sent me off to the library with a list of designers to look at. From then on I was fascinated with it all. It was also on my foundation where I discovered my love for knitting when my friend sold me a knitting machine.

How long did it take you to piece together the collection from initial conception to the final catwalk?

The collection took 4 months to create

Do you see yourself working for other houses, or perhaps concentrating on your own projects?

At first I want to work for other houses. I want to gain experience and knowledge in my field before thinking about doing anything of my own.

Are there any themes and motifs that consistently show through your garments from early on in your career?

I guess my work always has a high level of sophistication, but at the same time it is often very fun.

As a fashion designer do you ever find it hard to walk the line of artist and practically of pieces?

When I design I always have a customer in mind. My goal is to make clothes that women want to wear, so silhouettes and garments are often very practical. My work becomes that of an artist through the fabrication. Being a knitter I have a strong belief in creating unique fabrics, for instance fabrics for my BA collection took hours and hours to knit as I had to insert metal beads individually onto each stitch. So my pieces are a mixture of the two!

As your career progresses is delegation hard when working with other people, do you make sure you have a say in creative control in all aspects e.g which magazines use your pieces, what buyers want your collection..etc?

Have you embraced the reaction to this collection or is it overwhelming and hard to think about?

At first it was very overwhelming, I couldn’t believe the response I got to my collection. I think it’s finally sunk in now though!


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