Pains of being pure at heart

2009 saw global audiences introduced to Brooklyn quartet The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. They return with new material “Belong” their second album. We have a catch up with Kip Berman from the band..

Where are you right now doing this interview?

Kip: We are at La Route du Rock Festival in St. Malo, France.

How would describe your mood today in a colour?

Kip: Charcoal. Or at least that’s the color of the sky and my sweater. I don’t feel so bleak, so perhaps it is a lighter grey or even silver.

How you feeling about the new album, does it ever feel completely finished with new work?

Kip: We’re very excited. Regardless of what people will say, whether bad or good, we know we made the best record we could possibly make, the record we wanted to make and the record that honestly represents the kind of band we are.

What was it like to work with Alan Moulder and Flood?

Kip: Cool! Those guys are awesome at making records and super nice.

Why do you think there is hub of musical creativity in Brooklyn with bands, is this true or a rumour set sail across the pond and it’s actually a pretty boring place?

Kip: Brooklyn is a great place to live, simply speaking as a music fan. There are so many great shows almost every night, and new bands that are routed in cool stuff start all the time. Plus, depending on where you live, it’s easy to walk to a lot of venues, and the subways run 24 hours, so access is always possible.

Do you find touring the UK different to any other place you have toured?

Kip: Well, we really like the places we play in the UK – especially Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London and Brighton. The UK is closer to the US than it is to continental Europe, Scandinavia or Japan.

Excited to be back towards the end of the year?

Kip: We’re actually going to be in the UK for a show at King’s Collete in London on March 3, and hopefully again in the summer.

What has been some of your favourite venues around the world to play?

Kip: The Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama USA, Hana Bi in Ravenna, Italy and basically anywhere in Glasgow or Sweden.

Do you think there’s moments you wake up and think “I wanna get back to the studio, I have something I’m itching to do right now” or do you just let ideas wash over you slowly before any production?

Kip: Hmm. I have ideas for songs, but I usually just try to do them in Garageband – it’s pretty cool that technology has progressed to the point where that’s both possible and normal.

I always wanted to know what it’s like being on photoshoots when you’re in a band, have you developed a camera face just to get the shots done or is it still as awkward as the first ones?

Kip: It’s always awkward. I have never gotten used to it, and I probably never will. I like it when the photographer tells you how to stand or do something, as I never know what to do. Sometimes having some drinks helps too, because you feel less self-conscious (though still pretty self-conscious).

What do you think you would be doing this exact moment and year if you weren’t in ‘Pains of Being Pure at Heart’ and hadn’t met?

Kip: Working.

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