Our Mountain

You guys seemed to be working on projects in New York around the same time you met, how and when did you realise that you had the same taste and direction to be in a band together?

Michael and I relocated from Melbourne, Australia to NY at the same time; we’d been playing music together for a few years so the taste and direction came pretty naturally. We passed the record to Abbey, she like it and wanted to get involved and so we started working out the live show.

What are the hardest and easiest parts of making an album?

I find the hardest parts the hours in the studio, it’s a satisfying feeling to write and play a song but it’s a different thing to record it, there’s a lot of time that goes into the recording process that takes a lot of monotonous patience

Have you ever sung material and then realised you were a completely different version of yourself when you wrote it, making you either nostalgic or cringe?

For sure, your always going to look back on old work with a different perspective, I mean unless your constantly evolving and changing it would be unsatisfying to remain the same. I think all art needs to develop and grown, it’s important to look back at old material with a better understanding.

With a debut, hopefully it introduces listeners to a band, which has yet to evolve into various directions; do you think you have achieved this with the album?

I think we’ve captured the heart of the band on this record, which in my mind was the goal. You may like it or you may not, but it’s a clear reflection as to what we’re about at this moment

Photography by Will Davidson

I think for young developing bands it critical to get music out to as many people as possible so yes, the Internet is a massive platform for that. Once a band gets recognition it’s up to them whether they want to continue down the path they’ve made or alternatively get plugged into a potential bigger network of industry professionals. It’s all relative to the artist, I sure everyone has a different take on it.

So being an international band how do the live music circuits of London, New York and Australia differ?

I find them very similar; I think most cities with good music keep an eye on each other, in which case the difference is marginal. There’s obvious differences, like size and distance but in any territory certain bands will rise to the top and those bands have a good chance to crack the international markets.

What are audiences to expect from a live show, you all seem to feed off each other when it comes to energy, how do you sustain this on tour for weeks at a time?

We’re all close friends, which generally means it comes naturally, there definitely are up’s and down’s but if you have a level of respect for the people your working with, I’d imaging you’d generally get along, I think you’ll find it comes quite easy to sustain energy and good times amongst good people.

Now we are heading into the last portion of the year, how would you like to look back on 2011 and what do you want to happen in 2011 for Our Mountain?

We found ourselves in 2011 now we’re looking to get started.


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