Offset Festival 2010

As Summer bows down to Autumn the diverse sounds of Mystery Jets, Trash Talk, Art Brut, These New Puritans and 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster urged us to dance and crowd surf at Offset 2010…

Offset Festival 2010 took place at Hainault Forest, London on Saturday 4thSeptember. Only in it’s third year the festival has already seen established and rising live acts such as The Maccabees, The Young Knives, Metronomy, Gang of Four, The Horrors, The Futureheads, The xx, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Slits grace their stages. The last trickle of summer festivals are seeing out the summer and it’s bittersweet on Saturday when I hit offset at an early sunset. Not focused on over packing the event and creating chaos for the sake of looking busy, every stage was easy viewing from hardcore tent to the dance tent.

The stakes were high….with anticipation I waited to ‘These New Puritans’ after the epic technical fail at 1234 festival earlier this summer which saw them not take to the stage , the sight of Jack Barnett with laptop and an orchestra on stage excited even the most pretentious folded armed, high chinned audience member.

California hardcore natives ‘Trash Talk’ have been on the festival round since august and could not be more of a change of pace concerning front men. Every set was a consented but nonetheless brutal attack on everyone’s ears. Simultaneous fears and laughter for the over eager kids at the front who at some point must have either been kicked in the face or spat on as Lee Speilman (pictured) took the hardcore tent to battle. IT WAS ALL KINDS OF AWSOME!!!

My teenage crush was not a boy in my class or a heart throb film star it was ‘The Mystery Jets’. So excited and little merry, I danced like a twat to ‘Dreaming of another world’, ‘Young Love’ and ‘Flash a hungry smile’. They played their recent collaboration with The Count & Sinden ‘After Dark’ which slotted in perfectly with the other tracks. Although discuss ensued on the way back to the bar over how difficult ‘Zoo time’ is to play live and if they ever really do.

Offset Festival returns to Hainault Forest, Romford London 2011, with tickets on sale now and more information here – (Picture courtesy of Offset and Andrew Kendall)

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