Motohiro Tanji

Photography by Dimitry Oskin

So how did you find yourself working and studying fashion?

I really like to be creative. I studied at Nottingham Tent University MA Fashion Knitwear Design. Now I’m working in Acron Conceptual Textiles inNottingham, which I feel has a good balance design between creative and commercial. At the same time, I’m making my own collection. These photos are my collection.

Talk to us about your last collection, what was the inspiration behind the collection?

For most of my garments, my inspiration is contemporary art work. The creativity in contemporary art always inspires me a lot. Especially, contemporary sculpture influences me to use dynamic shape and form.

What do you want people to take from these pieces about you as a designer?

Decayed and complicated textures. Dramatic and geometric form.

How do you think your experience with 3D geometric algorithms and Graphic Design surfaces in your work?

With 3D computer graphics software, it’s easy to create complicated 3D shapes on the computer. I often use these 3D shapes to my inspiration. Sometimes I check 3D computer graphics art works on the internet. There are lots of crazy and futuristic decayed images there. These works also inspire me a lot.

Photography by Dimitry Oskin

How long does it take you from start to and finish a piece?

From1to 3 weeks.

Elements in your knitwear pieces are both futuristic/modern as well as grungy, do you enjoy making delicate fabric more hard edged?

Yes. Knitted fabric is normally soft and sometimes quite difficult to control. But this difficulty can create interesting shapes. It’s easy to mix lots of different textures, integrating and blending pieces into one seamless form. I think this is the most interesting element of knitwear.

Tell us about the characters/people you would be designing for?

My garments are for crazy, creative and clever people.

What do you think the future holds for Motohiro Tanji?

2011 will be very important period to continue Motohiro Tanji. I will continue making exciting and influential collections, while also looking to expand into other areas such as film, stage costume and art.

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