1st June 2010 saw the release of Ghostpoet’s first E.P ‘The Sound of Strangers’. He takes time out to talk to me about his work in colour, song-writing process and music he’s presently taken with.

So tell us about the journey to become the artist you are today, have you been in other music projects, how long have you been writing? Well the journey has been long, eventful and I still feel I’m on the road to becoming a “artist”…always room for improvement! I feel just living life has got me to where I am today, love, pain, belief, hope and luck have all played their part I guess. I was part of a grime collective when I was at uni, I was an MC, we put on nights, made tunes, hung out, it was fun at the time. I would say I’ve been writing on and off for about 7/8 years but properly for only maybe a couple.

How would describe yourself by only using colours as an expression? What a question! Errr a combination of purple, dark blue. grey, a bit of black and a bit of white, maybe mixed together or just cooperative blots on the canvas.

If you had to live the rest of your life as an instrument, what would you be? Haha, bass guitar, I need to improve on my bass skills in production and it’ll probably take a lifetime to do it so yes, bass guitar!

How do you feel the internet has advanced and contributed to your success? The internet has contributed a huge amount from helping create awareness, to helping me network, getting feedback, hearing my peers music, improving my my musical knowledge and skills…personally I would be lost without it.

In relation to your artist namesake and vocals, are you into spoken word poetry at all? Not really no, I admire and respect the art of spoken word but I’m not overly into it.

Many think it is pretty easy to write songs about falling in and out of love with girls/boys, is this something you consciously tried to avoid? I think I write what feels right on whatever particular piece of music I’m working with at the time, I think if your writing from the heart about any aspect of love it can be quite difficult, I don’t avoid the subject I just think when the time is right it will manifest itself more maybe

When you’re not busy making your own work, are there any other artists and collectives you like at the moment? ROX, Tinashe, Micachu and the Shapes, KWES, United Vibrations, Elan Tamara, Three Trapped Tigers, Sampha, Theophilus London, SBTRKT James Blake, Gang Colors, Buke and Gass

So last week saw the release of your free E.P tell us about it and where we can we all get it? Well the EP is a combination of the past , present and the future, I produced two tracks, one is produced and feature’s Micachu and one is a remix of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation”. Its available for free on Bandcamp via the link on my Myspace ( and on Soundcloud

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Hopefully still being involved in or making music in some creative shape or form, married, kids, couple more dogs, house in Amsterdam with a matching bicycle, cooking more, drinking better wine in moderation of course lol, still trying to enjoy life and taking nothing for granted.

If you weren’t creating music, what would you be doing now? I guess trying to get into film/tv editing, it was what I originally what I wanted to do after uni until music took me captive!

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