Dionne Bromfield

After her debut album ‘Introducing Dionne Bromfield’ was released in 2009 showcasing her immense vocal talent beyond her years, Dionne returns with ‘Yeah Right’ featuring Diggy Simmons in the lead up her upcoming second album Good for the Soul. We catch up with the teen pop starlet at a special performance to talk summer wedges and floral prints. In Dionne Bromfield’s dressing room, she’s surprisingly relaxed considering she just gave a showstopping acoustic performance in the intimate chapel of St Barnabas of new material from her upcoming album for Virgin On Demand. We have a quick chat about video blogs she’s been making and her trendy outfit a jumpsuit with heeled black boots…

So just wanted to talk about your style? Do you enjoy getting dressed up when not performing?Oh yeah definitely (excited smile as she scans clothes around the room). I think every girl does.

How would you describe your style, is there a certain theme or colour you always return to or particularly like at the moment? I like errrrr, quite a classic look; I like items in black and white. But then again I’m really into floral stuff too, now it’s spring. Not over the top but subtle patterns. Stripes I like stripes.

Is there anything you are thinking about buying in the next few months for summer, like wedges or a jacket? Actually yeah I do, I went up to Oxford Street and I went into River Island. And I think chunky heels are back to stay, specifically that seventies style. I saw these lovely ankle boots, with a block heel and I’m not always into those kinds of shoes. But these ones were instantly like “Gotta get them”

What sort of places do you enjoy shopping at the moment, off the top of your head? Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridges, Juicy Couture and I like Matthew Williamson…

So do you think your style is evolving and growing as you do as an artist? Yeah or even things I used to hate I’ve found I like them now. Like big earrings (She shows me chunky, vintage looking diamond style heart shaped studs). Chunky wedges even, I used to dislike them and now I love them, because I know how to put things together better.

What would be your favourite outfit you wore in the ‘Yeah Right’ video? Hmmmm (Ponders). Probably the black dress with the white bowtie. It comes in at the waist and it goes out in an A-line style. Yeah I think that’s my favourite one.

What do you see your self wearing this year on the road, is this something you just approach nearer to appearances? Errrm, yeah I would love to wear a Victoria Beckham dress. I like her new pieces, because I like a lot of fitted things around the waist and she tends to that. But she always keeps it simple and classy. Yeah I like that look.

Have you seen any special vintage or high street boots you like around? I really like the Floral Dr Martins. I was actually not into Dr Martin’s at all last year but now I really them. I also like the patent black ones. For me, I would wear them with skinny jeans and a baggy top. If I was going out I was wearing them I would wear them with black tights, shorts or a skirt with a tucked in blouse.

What do you like wearing when your out with your friends? Ummm when I’m with my friends, I actually take longer to get ready that when I’m going on stage. Because its my personal friends so it like I wanna stay in trend with them more. With a show I pick what I like ages before the show, so it’s already all there.

What’s your favourite accessories or compliment to an outfit, shoes, handbag or jewellery? Shoes, love shoes. I’ve got about 42 pairs of shoes. Hahaha. I’ve bought a lot and sometimes on shoots they are nice enough to let me keep them. I adore shoes.

‘Yeah Right’ (feat. Diggy Simmons) – EP – Dionne Bromfield available now on iTunes





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