BURLEXE promises to reshape burlesque and overturn everyone’s expectations and understanding about the art form and what the women who perform it are all about. We talk with performer Javine Hylton and creative director Howard Wilmot

How did this unique idea of mixing stories, acting and burlesque come about, how many people and ideas have come to be this movement show ‘Burlexe’?

JH: An amazing creative director, Mr Howard. 

HW: The idea was originally a cross-media type of soap opera but morphed into a theatre project when everyone liked the idea but then told me how it should be different and what I should do. I thought f*** everyone, I’m going to do it my way. 


What can we expect from ‘Burlexe’ that is different to other productions in London?

JH: It’s one show which involves burlesque performers, comedy singing and great actors. 
It’s theatre meets burlesque meets musical meets female revue – there’s nothing to compare it with really. 

How do you find the difference of communicating with people on stage, surely it’s the same process conveying a talent to engage people?

JH: I’m much better on stage. I feel a lot more confident – it brings out the best in me. 


Do you think it does help to have some kind of previous performance experience, dancing, singing and acting?

JH: Of course. You can’t expect to just get on stage and wow an audience without experience. 

Why do you think Burlesque is now more popular than ever?

JH: Women are always waiting to find out what the new thing is but burlesque is sexy and empowers women.

Why do you think it also has a very female friendly approach, perhaps women enjoy seeing other women who naturally comfortable in their skin?

JH: Women love watching each other, more so than men. We are amazing and interesting creatures – who wouldn’t want to watch us!?

Do you think there is a certain amount of drama involved in the performance, is it a completely different character you embody on stage or a heighten version of yourselves?

JH: For me it’s about being completely different. I change into another being.

Have you found that Burlesque has informed you fashion of clothes preferences?

JH: No!! LOL

Similarily it’s about embracing individual feminity and being a woman, has this made you more confident in how you carry yourself in day to day life?

JH: Not really!! I’m confident on stage but I’ve always been quite shy offstage.


When: Four strictly preview shows: 7pm on 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th June

Where: The Shadow Lounge, 5-7 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0RF

How much: £20 (strictly preview price)

Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/burlexe

Online: www.burlexe.com | www.facebook.com/burlexe | www.twitter.com/burlexe

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