Aoi Kotsuhiroi

Aoi Kotsuhiroi Dawn Ritual 000

Who would you rather make a piece for ‘Angel of Death’ or a ‘Aphrodite’?

There’s no real surprise with the angel of death, whereas with Aphrodite …..

All your pieces give the voyeur a sense of urgency to touch them, how important is it keep that sensitivity?

I watched the frozen ice,
in the cold of sensitive dreams,
I keep a caress.

Being a writer and an artist how difficult is it, to have to intellectualize your work, for press, buyers, PR…etc?

I am neither a writer nor an artist, I’m an “emotional pornographer” …

What exactly is an ‘Exotic Regret’ scandal, lust, hate in another a world or dimension perhaps?

I said nothing to anyone,
I went to flower the uncertainty.

How do you go about making sourcing the material and knowing and finding exactly what you want?

I remake the same way and gather what I lost.

Your pieces remind us of the end of the world and the beginning and everything to do with time and the elements. Are we close to something you try to convey?

I mark on my body a form of solitude.

What do you think your pieces would say to people if they could speak? For example “Wear me with Alexander Wang and attend Planet Earth’s closing party the Apocalypse 2012… not leggings and a t-shirt to go to the pub”

Then I would have tear things,
to hear the silent walls
smile at passing birds.

Are these themes something you intend to continue to explore or do you change vision when ever the inspiration strikes…for example next collection drastically different (polka dots and heart prints)?

I find the nakedness of silence beautiful.

Interview by Von Von Lamunu

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