Shadez the Misfit

How did you end up making music, you went to university at UCA so you maybe had a lot of interests before buckling down to one?

I’ve always loved music and would write music in my spare time , Music started for me in my first year of studying for my degree at university I saw it as a way of venting my thoughts and feelings somewhat like a diary but also knew I could tie it into other things I do and I’m also interested in like fashion and graphics

Talk to us about the studio process, who are you working with at the moment?

The studio process for me is the best process , working on a beat or piece of music and fitting your lyrics to make something that can relate to people . music wise I am currently working with Ski Beatz (producer for Jay-z ,Curren$y, Jim jones ,Camp –lo and more) as well as Toddla T . Looking forward to working with more people I respect as music makers

Do you like being brutally honest about yourself in lyrics or do you tend to focus on what you see in your environment?

My intention is a bit of both. I write so people can see life through my eyes whether it involves my thoughts and feelings, a situation I’m going through or having to describe the environment to compliment the story or mood. I always remain honest due to the fact I don’t want to be perceived as something I’m not, I don’t want to live a lie as an artist

In a dream world what are the ideal artists you would like to collaborate with musically?

Musically my ideal artists I would love to collaborate with would be people like The Noisettes , Andre 3000 , Pharrell Williams , Kid Cudi , Drake , Jamiroquai ….there’s loads of artists I would like to have the chance to work with but I feel these artists would push me musically and will provide a different sound to my music.

With songs, what makes you choose to record one song and then throw the beginning bars of others in the bin?

I tend not to throw lyrics away I always go back to them or come up with something else for them … I feel if I write something it was for a reason , not in vain. When choosing a song to record its always the beat for me being able to understand why that producer made it and thinking of how I
can approach it as an artist. Letting my lyrics compliment the beat but letting the beat bring out my lyrics.

Do you think with the blending and movement towards genreless music this is an innovative thing or it loses individuality?

I think it helps people become open minded to music , letting them slowly accept other genres in their music libraries but being open minded to the point they realize genres influence each other . For example a lot of other genres are used/sampled in hip hop. It helps to push the boundaries of creativity in music.

How do you think the internet has help push forward artists, which was not available 20 years ago 1991?

The internet now has become a major tool in the exposure of an artist before artists would have to sign a deal to gain the coverage. We now live in a world where we have tools like YouTube, soundcloud, bandcamp etc to expose your material in addition to social networks making it easier to share your talent to not just friends and family but to a wider audience . It has given an opportunity for anyone to make it.

What is happening the rest of 2011 with Shadez The Misfit?

This year has been good for Shadez The Misfit. The rest of 2011 expect the release of “Misfit Maximus” my debut mix cd coming out end of june / beginning of July. More visuals as well as music this year and will start work on my album which will be out early next year 2012.

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