Die! Die! Die!

Give us an edited, quick introduction as to how you have become Die! Die! Die…is it combined parts of previous bands, who came up with the name?

Mikey and l Formed Die! Die! Die! at the end of 2003 when we were 18 but we broke up after 2 NZ tours. We then hung out in Auckland and got a new bass player henry. Henry used to sing in Hardcore bands and that was a genre which really fascinated us as in Dunedin Hardcore didnt exist. We recorded 2 eps with Henry and our first album with Steve albini. Then Henry decided he wanted a real life and left the band. So we got our best friend Lachlan to join the band. He was in like 3 really amazing bands in Australia. Our first bass player and I came up with the name Die! Die! Die! on the telephone. Our first bass player gave me a few names. I believe they were SEXEXEX, Girls! Girls! Girls! and die! die! die!. I thought the first 2 names were really creepy so i am glad we went with die! die! die!

With so much intense touring how have you adjusted, do you find it bizarre being at home for more than three months? Its quite funny. We pretty much toured constantly for 3-4 years and for the last 18 months we have pretty much just been in NZ chilling. Its been a real nice change. We have all turned into home bodies. We are about to do a 3 month tour. So i am wondering how we are going to adjust to that!

How involved are you and were in the studio process, do you make sure the studio team know exactly what you want or do you walk in to a session with an open mind? We are really involved in the Studio process. We never walk into a studio with an exact idea what we wanna do but we always let it evolve naturally and dont try to force it. Like with Form we thought we were making our loudest, most “punk rock” album and it turned out the  opposite. haha

How important is it to you guys to just be free to take time on material, once industry folk get involved do you feel a pressure to speed creativity up? I think we are really lucky with Die! Die! Die! as we dont work with anyone who would be so arrogant to try and rush us to do anything we dont wanna do. We record when we want and where we want. Its great. We have had people try and force us to rush stuff and tell us to do stuff we dont wanna do. They usually find we get rid of them very quickly in one way or another.

Have you ever heard small pieces of music or lyrics that make you cringe because they were written at different points of your life? I think anybody who releases albums over a few years will always have a few bits of past records which make them cringe. If they say they dont they are either lying or total ego manics. haha. We were quite young when we released our 1st album and even promises promises. So there are a few youthful statements on those albums i always blush when i hear them. haha

What other peers/bands do you admire and listen from New Zealand? I really love: the coolies, the clean, Crude, the 3ds, bailter space, Surf city, the Dead C. There are alot more but those are all bands i really like who are in one way or another still going and releasing good music now and have a great attitude.

Did Die! Die! Die! Ever start with a vague manifesto, perhaps “We aren’t going to take any crap, just do what we want to”…..or maybe ….”We are open to change of musical direction if we are in sync with each other?” No we just wanted to play lots of shows and get out of New Zealand and off the dole and see the world. So far we have done 3 of those 4 things.

What do you want to see happening in 2011? If we dont kill each other after this 3 month tour we are doing in March-june. We will be recording our 4th album in France. And hopefully we can release that album around the world before the year is out!!!

What is your favorite moment from the last year? My sister having her son Leo.

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