A Bout de Souffle – 50th Anniversary


This year 2010 sees the 50th Anniversary of Jean Luc Godard’s seminal nouvelle vague film ‘A Bout De Souffle’. The ‘New Wave’ (nouvelle vague) movement undoubtedly changed the face of World Cinema as well as expectations from modern film as we know it today. Godard’s debut feature tells the tale of suave arrogant criminal Michel Piccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo), who after killing a policeman heads to Paris to collect money as well as his uncertain American girlfriend Patricia Franchini (Jean Seberg) to flee France together before the police catch up. The film’s innovative sense of documentary style cinematography, was due to Godard’s collaboration with Raoul Coutard whose natural direction came due to previously being a photojournalist and documentary cameraman. Another factor being that the film was shot on the streets of Paris not only for atmosphere and mise en scene but because of a low-budget four week production. This in turn highlighted how film projects could ignore conventions of shooting style and tradition of large studio productions and still produce quality ground-breaking cinema.

Von Von Lamunu


Published Here: http://thecollectivereview.com/von-von-lamunu/a-bout-de-souffle-50th-anniversary.html


One comment

  1. Hanzalah Shahid

    Long time Film which invent the Cinema in astonishing and repectable way that we can’t forget till our life and after death!!!

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